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Sunday School

We have uplifting Sunday School classes for all ages of children and adults. Sunday School starts at 9:00am with assembly in the sanctuary at 8:45. You can also grab a hot cup of coffee in our fellowship hall downstairs before heading to class. We also have 6:00pm Wednesday night classes for youth and adults.

Sunday School Directors and Teachers

Sunday School Director: Joe Smith

  •                Nursery to 3 yrs: Christy Malone-Smith

  •                Beginners: Sherry Williams

  •                Middle School: Diane Long & Melissa Garrison

  •                High School: Joe Smith & Jill Chappell

  •                Young Adults/Off Campus: Tracy Lawrence & Luanne Pyron

  •                Young Adults 2: Kelsey Evert & Tim Chappell

  •                Adults: Charlie Lawrence & Roger Pyron

  •                Adults 2: Larry Boss & Danny Parkerson

Wednesday Night Classes:

  •                RA/GA Director: Roger Pyron

  •                GA (1-6): Luanne Pyron & Danielle Luipersbeck

  •                RA (1-6): Roger Pyron & Cason Oakley

  •                Youth on Mission: Joe & Christy Smith

  •                Adults: Meet in the Sanctuary

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